4 Things to Know About the J&J Covid Vaccine Pause

Four months into the largest U.S. vaccine rollout in decades, it’s become clear that the messaging surrounding covid-19 vaccination efforts is as important as the science behind them. That was true when the first covid vaccines were introduced in December at hospitals and nursing homes and even more so after the federal government on Tuesday paused the Johnson and Johnson vaccine after reports of extremely rare but very serious — in one case, fatal — side effects emerged.

A Year Into Pandemic Federal Officials Move to Better Protect Frontline Workers

A Year Into Pandemic, Federal Officials Move to Better Protect Frontline Workers

Changes would allow N95 sales for industries other than health care and signal an end to the hospital practice of reusing the masks considered essential for worker safety. …

President Trump Hosts Operation Warp Speed Vaccine Summit

Redfield Joins Big Ass Fans, Which Promotes Controversial Covid-Killing Technology

Dr. Robert Redfield, Trump’s CDC director, lends his scientific credibility to its Clean Air Systems subsidiary, which touts a “virus-killing ion technology” added to its fans. But indoor air quality experts question whether some of its technology works in the real world. …