pop-up covid-19 vaccine clinics

Want Fries With That Vaccine? Even at a Fast-Food Restaurant, Pop-Up Clinics See Slow Traffic

At a pop-up vaccine clinic in a McDonald’s parking lot in the city of San Bernardino, fewer than two dozen people agreed to get a shot, offering a snapshot of the faltering vaccination effort. …

Big Leagues Balk at Endorsing Vaccination

Big Leagues Balk at Endorsing Vaccination

The major sports leagues are struggling to vaccinate enough of their players to protect the clubhouse and locker room, and few stars have stepped forward to pitch vaccination to teammates or fans. WNBA players are an exception, with a 99% vaccination rate and high-profile ads urging the public to get vaccinated….

Without Enough Boots on the Ground, California’s Vaccination Efforts Falter

California’s vaccination rates have stagnated, particularly in Black and Latino inner-city neighborhoods and in rural towns. County health officials, who say trust is their most important commodity, need more money for one-on-one interactions with holdouts, but the state has instead largely funneled money to advertising firms and tech companies. …


Corporations Encourage Employee Vaccination but Stop Short of Mandates

Public health officials fear that requiring jabs on the job would create a noisy, counterproductive backlash. …

Dr. Gail Newel Health Officials Received Death Threats Due to COVID-19 Public Guidance and Lockdowns

‘We’re Coming for You’: For Public Health Officials, a Year of Threats and Menace

Local health officials have become the face of government authority as they work to stem the pandemic. That has made them targets for chilling threats from some of the same militia groups that stormed the U.S. Capitol. Santa Cruz leaders are among those whose daily routines now incorporate security patrols, surveillance…

California Counties a Hodgepodge of Highs and Lows in Vaccinating Vulnerable Seniors

Like many states, California is seeing huge regional variations in covid vaccination rates for people 65 and older. Remote rural counties are in some cases struggling to give away doses to vulnerable seniors, while metropolitan areas often have more demand than supply. …


California’s Top Hospital Lobbyist Cements Influence in Covid Crisis

California’s Top Hospital Lobbyist Cements Influence in Covid Crisis | SACRAMENTO — As intensive care units filled and coronavirus cases surged over the holidays, Carmela Coyle invoked a World War II-era quote attributed to British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to rally her own troops: “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”